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Lip Liner & Full Lip Color

Lip pigmentation enhances the fullness of the lips by extending a shade, similar to one’s natural lip color, to the outermost edge of the lip line creating a fuller, more youthful-looking mouth. Lining is also effective in creating symmetry to one’s lip. With a lip liner procedure, the exterior of the line will be distinct and exact, but the inerior of the line would blend softly into your natural color, avoiding a visible “line” around one’s mouth.

The full lip color procedure includes the application of the liner, oftentimes a couple shades deeper than the color used for the entire mouth. This technique helps to visually create a fuller, rounder lip. Womean with colorless lips, whose lip edge has receded, or those with uneven or asymmetrical lips, will delight in the beauty and advantage this procedure.

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