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Who benefits from intradermal Cosmetics?

- Anyone who desire freedom and convenience from daily makeup application.

- Busy people with little time or interest to apply makeup.

- People with allergies to conventional makeup.

- Athletic people who are active and perspire.

- Oily skinned people whose makeup melts or absorbs easily.

- Men and women who wish to look their best at all time.

- Men with a receded hairline or thin balding spots that desire color "camouflage".

- Burn victims and people with flaws in their skin.

700 N. Colorado Blvd. Ste. 337  Denver  CO  80206 | Phone: 434-2900 
Services Offered At These Locations: 
Facial Aesthetics at the Highlands Ranch Medical Pavilion off East County Line Rd.
Grossman Plastic Surgery at Rose Medical Center off Colorado Blvd.
Center for Plastic Surgery/Rejuvenate at Jackson Place Apex Medical Building in Cherry Creek
Aesthetic Solutions in Lafayette/Boulder