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How safe is the process?

I am certified in the specialty of Intradermal Pigmentation and licenced Esthetician (skin care specialist).

I ask that you complete a Health History for your client file that could identify possible complications prior to any procedures.

I use strictly disposable materials. Nothing will come in contact with more than one client.

I am dedicated to the highest standards of patient welfare, implement sterilization, and procedure excellence.


700 N. Colorado Blvd. Ste. 337  Denver  CO  80206 | Phone: 434-2900 
Services Offered At These Locations: 
Facial Aesthetics at the Highlands Ranch Medical Pavilion off East County Line Rd.
Grossman Plastic Surgery at Rose Medical Center off Colorado Blvd.
Center for Plastic Surgery/Rejuvenate at Jackson Place Apex Medical Building in Cherry Creek
Aesthetic Solutions in Lafayette/Boulder